Big Bang Fair 2013

Solent EBP (Education Business Partnership) asked me to produce a short video highlighting activities at their Big Bang Fair, held at the University of Southampton in March 2013. The aim was to encourage schools to attend, and for employers to exhibit at future events. The challenge was to capture as much as possible of the event within 4 hours, on a small budget.

I hired a small crew and scheduled the filming of presentations and exhibits and contributors interviews. The day was very busy, but we most of what was needed for the finished video. I produced a small amount of motion graphics for the edit. In consultation with my clients I selected interview clips and put together two versions for Solent EBP and the University of Southampton.

Breathing Freely

I produced this DVD for the BREATHE research project at the University of Southampton. They wanted a video to test the viability of using video-based training for people with asthma. The idea was to see if this would work as well as face-to-face advice and guidance provided by experts. This is a long term study which will not report until 2015. If successful, the DVD will be available to the general public in 2016.

Early in development I suggested using a professional presenter to help the medical experts in the programme put their messages across. In consultation with the research team I produced a script, hired crew and cast (people with asthma). The DVD, which, includes demonstrations of activities which can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma, was filmed on location, and at Southampton Solent University TV Studios. Making extensive use of motion graphics, ‘Breathing Freely’ is a good example of the complexity and quality of work undertaken by Zemedia.

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