MSc Web Science – Week 5

Day 305/ Emmadukew © 2013/  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 This week there was a strike. Quantitative Research Methods We looked at the chi-square test, which is used with used with categorical variables. The chi-square test is unreliable with small samples and can only test for an association, not its direction. As a rule of thumb: don’tContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 5”

MSc Web Science – Week 4

A big event this week was the University IT, Science and Engineering Careers Fair. As well as picking up more free pens than I’ll ever need and explaining to reps what Web Science is (variations on ‘making the web better for future generations’), I had a very interesting chat with someone on the Sagentia stall. The stall featured a data collection deviceContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 4”

MSc Web Science – Week 3

Kitten Baby Steps/RSPCA WOAW ©2006/CC BY-NC 2.0 “Catch up, cats and kittens. Don’t get left behind…” (Monkberry Moon Delight, Paul McCartney, 1971). This line from a song has been going through my head all week – an annoying ‘earworm‘ but also an important note to myself to get the balance of home, study and workContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 3”

MSc Web Science: Week 2

Firing up the ‘Pi’s/Tim O’Riordan 2013/CC BY 2.0 UK The highlight of the week was definitely the Raspberry Pi session; an hour long workshop that was added to the end of classes on Thursday. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and cheap computer that has been developed to provide a budget platform for practicing programming. Because it’s cheapContinue reading “MSc Web Science: Week 2”

MSc Web Science: Week 1

First day of Web Science/Tim O’Riordan 2013/CC BY 2.0 UK Some notes on my first week on the MSc Web Science course at Southampton. Quantitative Research Methods (QRM) The tutor, Nikolaos Tzavidis, posted the notes and slides for the first two lectures on Blackboard and emailed the class 4 days ahead to let us know.Continue reading “MSc Web Science: Week 1”