Encouraging a corporate open data culture

Introduction The Royal Society’s influential paper on the use and misuse of risk analysis asserts that “[a]ny corporation, public utility or government will react to criticism of its activities by seeking…new ways to further the acceptable image of their activities” (Pearce, Russell & Griffiths, 1981). In the past decade the timely availability of relevant dataContinue reading “Encouraging a corporate open data culture”

With the ‘Cyborgs’ at Speakerthon

Speakerthon 2014 Collaged from works by Andy Mabbett, BBC and Tim O’Riordan ©2014/CC BY-SA 3.0 As a nascent Web Scientist the irony of a Dalek ‘guarding’ the entrance to this weekends’ Speakerthon event at BBC Broadcasting House in London, was not lost. Daleks represent a dystopian view of the ‘cyborg’, the twisted collaboration between organic and inorganic, a man-machine mashupContinue reading “With the ‘Cyborgs’ at Speakerthon”