Video – Stevan Harnad: OA isn’t rocket science

On the eve of his appearance to give evidence at the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee on Open Access in November 2013, OA “Archivangelist”, Professor Stevan Harnad spoke about his concerns following the UK government’s’ apparent u-turn on Green Open Access. Acting on the Finch Report on Open Access to scholarly articles, the government (and Research Councils UK)Continue reading “Video – Stevan Harnad: OA isn’t rocket science”


The John Hansard Gallery’s Stephen Foster in conversation with Dawnbreaker curator, Juan Bolivar, 23 April 2010.When the new millennium rolled in, predictions of a computer catastrophe the Y2K problem amounted to nothing but fear. Never before, perhaps with the exception of the Moon landing, had the world watched a singular moment with such intensity andContinue reading “Dawnbreakers”