MSc Web Science – Week 19

Reading/Sam Howzit © 2012/CC BY 2.0 This week’s readings: COMP6047 – Further Web Science Price, Vincent (2006) ‘Citizens Deliberating Online: Theory and Some Evidence’, in Todd Davies (ed.) Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Wright, Scott and John Street (2007) ‘Democracy, deliberation and design: the case of online discussion forums’.Continue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 19”

5 interactions between the Web and Education that are changing the way we learn

Using MACs in the Computer Laboratory/University of Exeter ©2008/CC BY 2.0 The way we learn and the tools we use to extend our capacity for learning have always been closely interrelated. Over 2000 years ago wax tablets enabled learners to show their working, 500 years ago the introduction of movable type made books more accessible,Continue reading “5 interactions between the Web and Education that are changing the way we learn”

Encouraging a corporate open data culture

Introduction The Royal Society’s influential paper on the use and misuse of risk analysis asserts that “[a]ny corporation, public utility or government will react to criticism of its activities by seeking…new ways to further the acceptable image of their activities” (Pearce, Russell & Griffiths, 1981). In the past decade the timely availability of relevant dataContinue reading “Encouraging a corporate open data culture”

How does a ‘social science’ or ‘philosophy of science’ perspective on science and technology inform Web Science?

‘A Manifesto for Web Science” (Halford, Pope and Carr, 2010) defines the essential characteristics of this relatively new area of study; Web Science “must be a critical discipline” that “looks both ways to see how the web is made by humans and how humans are made by the web”. This broadly socio-technical approach is derivedContinue reading “How does a ‘social science’ or ‘philosophy of science’ perspective on science and technology inform Web Science?”

MSc Web Science – Week 18

Reading the paper [Albert Jone]/State Library of Victoria Collections © 2011/CC BY 2.0 It’s the first week of the new semester and the emerging theme is ‘reading’. Give or take a couple of titles, this is my weekend reading list: COMP6047 – Further Web Science Cabinet Office (2012) ‘Open Data: Releasing the Potential’, White Paper. Shadbolt,Continue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 18”

MSc Web Science – Week 17

Mind the Gap!/ Endlisnis © 2007/  CC BY 2.0 Life and coursework got rather hectic around the middle of last semester, and something had to go, hence the gap in posts. Speaking of gaps, we had a MSc Supervisor ‘speed networking’ event last Friday where we had an opportunity to meet academics who were up forContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 17”

MSc Web Science – Week 6

Hearsay: A New Way to Acquire Categories/Cangelosi & Harnad, 2002 On Wednesday Cognitive Scientist Professor Stevan Harnad, a major thinker and strategist of the Open Access (OA) movement (Harnad, 1995) spoke to us about the potential impact of the Web on Scholarly Research in the form of “Open Access” and the twists and turns of OAContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 6”

MSc Web Science – Week 5

Day 305/ Emmadukew © 2013/  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 This week there was a strike. Quantitative Research Methods We looked at the chi-square test, which is used with used with categorical variables. The chi-square test is unreliable with small samples and can only test for an association, not its direction. As a rule of thumb: don’tContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 5”

MSc Web Science – Week 4

A big event this week was the University IT, Science and Engineering Careers Fair. As well as picking up more free pens than I’ll ever need and explaining to reps what Web Science is (variations on ‘making the web better for future generations’), I had a very interesting chat with someone on the Sagentia stall. The stall featured a data collection deviceContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 4”

MSc Web Science – Week 3

Kitten Baby Steps/RSPCA WOAW ©2006/CC BY-NC 2.0 “Catch up, cats and kittens. Don’t get left behind…” (Monkberry Moon Delight, Paul McCartney, 1971). This line from a song has been going through my head all week – an annoying ‘earworm‘ but also an important note to myself to get the balance of home, study and workContinue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 3”