Open Access: it’s not rocket science

On the eve of his appearance to give evidence at the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee on Open Access in November 2013, OA Evangelist, Professor Stevan Harnad spoke about his concerns following the UK government’s’ apparent u-turn on Green Open Access. Acting on the Finch Report on Open Access to scholarly articles, the government (and Research Councils UK) had acceptedContinue reading “Open Access: it’s not rocket science”

Speakerthon 2014: Reusing BBC audio

Last Saturday I attended Speakerthon, a collaborative web-enhancement event organised by BBC R&D and Wikimedia UK. The aim of the day was to interrogate the BBC Radio 4’s permanently available archive (e.g. The Woman’s Hour Collection), select clips of notable people speaking and add them to Wikipedia. Wikimedia UK’s Andy Mabbett thought up the idea and has spent the past 2 to 3 years convincingContinue reading “Speakerthon 2014: Reusing BBC audio”

How I made my version of ‘Pretty Saro’

In this post I present a screen recording (screencast) that demonstrates the tools referred to in my previous post, ‘Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling’. To set the scene, here’s my video, Pretty Saro, that I refer to in the demo: In this 10 minute screencast I talk through how I approached making the Pretty SaroContinue reading “How I made my version of ‘Pretty Saro’”

Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling

[table width=”100%” colwidth=”250|250″ colalign=”center|center”] , Pretty Saro by Bob Dylan,Pretty Saro by P D Cawley [/table] The recent release of previously unpublished performances by Bob Dylan and the associated Pretty Saro video, produced by Jennifer Lebeau, which makes extensive use of archive photographs hosted by the US Library of Congress, has highlighted the usefulness ofContinue reading “Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling”

New video for Solent NHS Trust

Solent NHS Trust are currently running elections for 14 new Public Governor seats in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. The elections are open to all Trust members, and the Trust needed a video aimed at members who may have difficulty understanding the written information they receive in their voting pack. I was approached by the Trust aContinue reading “New video for Solent NHS Trust”

Last day at the ‘I am the Warrior’ exhibition

Overlooked by Kentucky Fried Chicken and situated half way between Matalan and Fabric Land, the John Hansard Gallery Central may have appeared an out of place arty interloper in the world of commerce, but their swansong, the fabulous ‘I am the Warrior’ exhibition was a clear statement that Southampton city centre is not just all aboutContinue reading “Last day at the ‘I am the Warrior’ exhibition”