It was thirty years ago today…

By way of contributing a little something to the public record, I’ve published an edited version of a video I made with the help of fellow students in 1984, while I was in the final year of a film production course at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design (BPCAD – now the Arts UniversityContinue reading “It was thirty years ago today…”

Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling

[table width=”100%” colwidth=”250|250″ colalign=”center|center”] , Pretty Saro by Bob Dylan,Pretty Saro by P D Cawley [/table] The recent release of previously unpublished performances by Bob Dylan and the associated Pretty Saro video, produced by Jennifer Lebeau, which makes extensive use of archive photographs hosted by the US Library of Congress, has highlighted the usefulness ofContinue reading “Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling”