Exams, Dissertation Topic and Authorship Issues

Examinations and essay writing are now over for my MSc in Web Science course and I’m now preparing to start my summer dissertation project. Two supervisors have agreed to oversee the progress of my work, the main research question of which is: can comments related to Web-based learning objects be used to good effect in the evaluation of these objects?

Open Hypermedia and the Web

Tim Berners-Lee, the main architect of the World Wide Web (W3), developed the system while working for CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in the late 1980s. W3 was developed to overcome difficulties with managing information exchange via the Internet. At the time, finding data on the Internet required pre-existing knowledge gained through variousContinue reading “Open Hypermedia and the Web”

MSc Web Science – Week 19

Reading/Sam Howzit © 2012/CC BY 2.0 This week’s readings: COMP6047 – Further Web Science Price, Vincent (2006) ‘Citizens Deliberating Online: Theory and Some Evidence’, in Todd Davies (ed.) Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Wright, Scott and John Street (2007) ‘Democracy, deliberation and design: the case of online discussion forums’.Continue reading “MSc Web Science – Week 19”

5 interactions between the Web and Education that are changing the way we learn

Using MACs in the Computer Laboratory/University of Exeter ©2008/CC BY 2.0 The way we learn and the tools we use to extend our capacity for learning have always been closely interrelated. Over 2000 years ago wax tablets enabled learners to show their working, 500 years ago the introduction of movable type made books more accessible,Continue reading “5 interactions between the Web and Education that are changing the way we learn”