DAL MOOC – Week 1 Reflection

I have just completed the first week of the Data, Analytics and Learning MOOC on the edX platform, and as an end of week activity I’ve been asked to research learning analytics tools, add them to a table, and upload the table here. I’ve also been asked to provide a definition of Learning Analytics, share my reflections on week one in terms of a) content presented, and b) course design.

LA Tools Research

Apparently people are very interested in cleaning, modeling, analysing, and visualising data, because there are many, many tools available to do some or all of this (some of them free, and too many to list here. So here’s my Learning Analytics Tools Matrix for you to download.

My definition

Learning Analytics use Web-based activity as proxies for behaviour that provide evidence of knowledge, competence and learning, and facilitate the building of predictive models, and the analysis of networked interactions.

For a more in-depth explanation of my understanding of LA – see my Learning Analytics 101 post.

Reflections on Week 1

The content and interface looks good, the Google Hangouts are informative, and there appear to be a lot of useful data wrangling tools which I’m going to find out how to use.

But, I find the ProSolo “social competency” tool difficult to navigate, and I’ve yet to figure out how to use the Learning Progress and Credentials functions. I joined a conversation this morning which I can’t find (which is frustrating because it contained some of my reflections on the course). I like to get stuck in straight away and would have liked a simple, practical bit of analytics as a taster of what’s to come.

Finally, although the Google Hangouts are useful, a lot of time is spent housekeeping, and managing technology, which is fairly OK when live, but could easily be cut out for later distribution (which I have done myself – see my previous post).

All in all, it looks good,and I can’t wait to stuck into week 2.

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