DAL MOOC – Week 1 Beginning

I’ve just started the edX Data, Analytics, and Learning MOOC (rather late – but I’m catching up) which has involved getting the hang of ‘Hangouts’. These are informal chats between experts which can take a while to get going, but inside these video conversations there are nuggets of extremely useful stuff. So in the spirit of the ‘revise/remix’ ethos of the course I’ve started to edit them into ‘bitesize’ chunks (using the free version of Lightworks). The first two are from week 1 where George Siemens (Athabasca University), Carolyn Rosé (Carnegie Mellon University), Dragan Gašević (Athabasca University) and Ryan Baker (Columbia University) give their definitions of Learning Analytics and answer the question “what do you do when you do Learning Analytics?”.

Personally, I can’t wait to get to Dr Rose’s section as her work on Discourse Analysis sounds right up my street, but I’m also very interested in Social Network Analysis  which will be covered by Dr Gasevic, and Prediction Modeling which will be led by Dr Baker.

There are a range of open source tools used on this course:
Lightside for Discourse Analysis
Gephi for Social Network Analysis, and
Rapid Miner for Prediction Modeling

The course also encourages learners to use the social networking aggregation and learning support tool, ProSolo, provides an introduction Tableaux – “a good tool to get started with” data analysis and visualisation – and shares a load of cleaned and anonymised datasets for us to play with.

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