MSc Web Science – Week 18

Reading the paper [Albert Jone]/State Library of Victoria Collections © 2011/CC BY 2.0

It’s the first week of the new semester and the emerging theme is ‘reading’. Give or take a couple of titles, this is my weekend reading list:

COMP6047 – Further Web Science

COMP6048 – Interdisciplinary Thinking

  • Repko A. F. (2008) Interdisciplinary Research: Process and Theory. Sage Publications. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
  • Plus 6 readings for first group work.

COMP6050 – Semantic Web for Web Science

  • Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila (2001) The Semantic Web, Scientific American.
  • Nigel Shadbolt, Wendy Hall and Tim Berners-Lee (2006) The Semantic Web Revisited, IEEE Intelligent Systems, pp96-101, May/June 2006.

COMP6052 Social Networking Technology

RESM6003 – Qualitative Methods

  • Atkinson, P. and Silverman, D. (1997) ‘Kundera’s immortality: the interview society and the invention of self’, Qualitative Inquiry, 3(3): 304-325. [TDNet – not available]
  • Baker, S.E. and Edwards, R. (eds) (2012) How Many Qualitative Interviews is Enough? Expert Voices and Early Career Reflections on Sampling and Cases in Qualitative Research, National Centre for Research Methods Review Paper.
  • Edwards, R. and Holland, J. (2013) What is Qualitative Interviewing?, London: Bloomsbury Academic (ePrints link doesn’t work).
  • Gubrium, J.F. and Holstein, J.A. (eds) (2003b) Postmodern Interviewing, London: Sage. [BF 637 GUB] (Library).
  • Kvale, S. (1996) InterViews: An Introduction to Qualitative Research Interviewing, London: Sage. [HM 48 KVA] (Library).

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