MSc Web Science – Week 17

Mind the Gap!/ Endlisnis © 2007/  CC BY 2.0

Life and coursework got rather hectic around the middle of last semester, and something had to go, hence the gap in posts.

Speaking of gaps, we had a MSc Supervisor ‘speed networking’ event last Friday where we had an opportunity to meet academics who were up for supervising our dissertations – which start in May. Having heard my brief introduction, one potential supervisor advised me to do a literature review and find a gap in what is, admittedly, a very busy field. Having done this a year ago when I applied I was a bit miffed by this comment – but thought I hadn’t explained myself properly in the time available. A bit later, when I thought I had given a better explanation, another potential supervisor told me – “oh yes, I have a PhD student who’s answered all those questions”. Point taken. I need to find my niche – again.

Hopefully normal service – or what passes for normal service – will resume shortly.

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