Vint Cerf: What’s happening on the Internet?

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of the Zepler Institute at the University of Southampton, where Google Vice President and Internet Evangelist, Vint Cerf gave a talk on his contribution to, and the future of the ‘net. I had my trusty little Kodak Zi8 camera with me and recorded his presentation from my seat near the front of the lecture theatre. I’ve uploaded the first 10 minutes of the video in two parts.

In the first part Cerf talks about his initial experiments with ARPANET with his colleague, Bob Kahn and the team at Stanford University in the early 70s – including sending video and audio over the network.

In part 2, Cerf talks about Internet connectivity, the significance of mobile devices, and current developments of the ‘net – including security, scale and the ‘smart grid’.

Please let me know if you would like to see some more of this talk.

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