Recording a keynote address

Last week I was asked by Dr Eric Herring, Deputy Director of the Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol to record his keynote address for the People and the Planet: Transforming the Future conference. The conference is being held this week at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, and Dr Herring was unable to attend, hence the need for the recording.

Dr Herring’s talk, entitled: “Transforming insecurity through the co-production of knowledge in nonviolent grassroots networks”, was concerned with encouraging academics to find new and innovative ways to communicate with grassroots activists around the world. In his address he refers to examples from his own practice – researching the effect of sanctions on Saddam’s Iraq, and developing new methods to counter suicide attacks in Somalia.

I recorded Dr Herring’s talk last week using my Sony Z1E camcorder, edited it on Avid Composer, checked the edit with my client via Vimeo, and sent the finished HD video to him and the conference organisers via Wetransfer. The video arrived with two days to spare (allowing the organisers sufficient time to test the video on their system), and  it was played to the conference delegates earlier this afternoon in Melbourne (about 4 am UK time).

You can see the finished video here:

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