Found sound #1

Ahhh – low band u-matic!

This lo-fi offering is the first of what is likely to be a very infrequent series of ‘found sound’ from my collection. It’s a radio advert I commissioned from Festival Radio to promote Lighthouse Film and Video Ltd, Brighton in 1990. I was the sole employee of the workshop at the time and had a broad brief to support local filmmakers and community groups, in addition to developing and managing training programmes, fund raising and marketing. This inexpensive ‘campaign’ ran for about four weeks with this spot being played at 1am every morning.

I found the recording on an rather dusty C60 cassette, digitised it using a Viewcast Osprey 300 capture card and Goldwave software.

Lighthouse has grown considerable since those halcyon days and I have moved on to new pastures, but you can still “talk to Tim” about making and using digital video.

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