Gremlins ate my website!

Gremlin_noun_project_14256My website was hacked a few weeks ago.

Someone had taken advantage of security weaknesses in the older version of the Joomla CMS that my site had been built on. My Internet Service Provider informed me that the only way I could get my site up and running again would be to update Joomla. But when I found out that this would have involved virtually re-building the site from scratch I decided to build a brand new site myself, using a different CMS.

When I paid for the original site to be built a few years ago, I left the decision on what Content Management System to use to someone else. It all seemed to work OK, but when I came to use it myself, I found it quite clunky. I thought I would get used to it, but over the past 2 years or so, I’ve found working with it very time consuming – and didn’t update it when I should have. So, if I was going to re-build I needed to use something I felt comfortable with.

I was experienced in using Tridion and Expression Engine at work, but many years ago I had toyed with WordPress, so I thought I would have another go with it. I found a very useful YouTube video (How to make a WordPress Website), followed the instructions, and starting building. I’m currently using the free Responsive theme by Themeid (which beautifully re-sizes to fit many and various mobile devices), and using Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, Blog in Blog, Contact Form 7, and a YouTube Subscribe widget, as well as a home page slider, produced using PhotoSnack.

It took about 24 hours to re-make my site, spread over a few evenings last week. If you knew my previous site (which is visible on the Wayback Machine) you’ll notice that most of my blog posts have disappeared. I plan to re-publish these over the next month or so – and add some new ones.

Note to self: In future I will update my CMS when it needs updating.

Any questions or comments – please let me know.

Image: Gremlin, from The Noun Project, edited in SVG Editor.

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